ARIA Technology

As the Las Vegas Strip’s most technologically advanced hotel, ARIA has elevated guest service to extraordinary new heights.

In-Room Tablet Features

Room Controls

The power of touch is here. Control4 technology allows you to control the curtain, climate, lighting, “Do Not Disturb” notification and much more. “Scenes” are also available to automatically set a mood or, choreograph your wake up with an alarm which can open curtains, turn on lights and much more.

Room Service Ordering

With our revolutionary in-room tablets, you can now indulge and experience an eclectic meal without having to call or make a reservation. Browse the entire menu and customize each dish just to your liking You’ll never want to leave your sumptuous bed again.

Spa & Salon Treatment Requests

Ease your body and mind with a request to the spa that can be reserved effortlessly through the in-room tablets. A Deep Tissue Thai Massage, Salon Blow Outs, Straight Razor shaves and even our most popular Fitness Classes are all bookable with ease.

Event Ticket Ordering

With a beautifully designed, user-friendly interface, you can now easily reserve show and event tickets that will fit in perfectly with your plans. This is entertainment made easy.

Take Out Ordering

Experience the taste of ARIA without having to dine out. With our sleek in-room tablets, you can now quickly order take out at one of our many world-class restaurants and simply pick it up at your convenience.

Restaurant Reservations

With an array of world-class restaurants to choose from, you can now view them all on your in-room tablet and easily make a reservation to your all-time favorite or another unique restaurant you have yet to experience.

Complimentary Digital Publication


As a visitor or guest at ARIA, you’ll get access to over 7500+ publications from 100+ countries in 60+ languages all at your fingertips.

  • Find many top international titles, like The Washington Post, Forbes, NME, In Touch, The Guardian, Bloomberg Businessweek, Vogue, GQ and more.
  • PressReader is a fully interactive platform, with translation, audio, collections, opinion trends, social media sharing, and customized screen views.
  • PressReader is complimentary for all of our guests.
  • Any guest visiting our hotel will have access to the entire PressReader catalogue for as long as they're connected to our Wi-Fi Network.
  • Guests will also have 3 hours of extended access after departure.
  • PressReader supports many different devices and operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • The PressReader app interface supports English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. You can also instantly translate some content to up to 18 languages, while you have an active internet connection.

PressReader FAQ

About PressReader

What is PressReader?
PressReader offers unlimited access to newspapers and magazines in an easy-to-use app available on every smartphone and tablet. We have more than 7,000 titles from more than 120 countries, in more than 60 languages.

How long does the access period last?
Any hotel guest will have complete access to the entire PressReader catalogue for as long as they’re connected to the WiFi network.

Guests will also have 3-hours of extended access after they leave

Getting Connected

How do I connect to PressReader?
PressReader can be accessed through your in-room tablets on the home screen button titled “Newspapers”. Or you can Download the the PressReader app and connect to the hotel’s WiFi network. You’ll automatically get complete, unrestricted access.

Can I use PressReader on any device?
You can get the PressReader app on any mobile device using any major operating system, including iOS,Android, Windows, Amazon, Blackberry, and Mac. PressReader’s web platform is always available on laptops and other computers connected to the hotel’s WiFi.

Which app stores carry PressReader?
You’ll find PressReader in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon, and Blackberry World.

Downloading Newspapers and Magazines

How do I download newspapers and magazines to read offline?
Once you’ve activated your free access period and you see a welcome screen, you’re ready to start downloading.

Close the welcome screen, then tap on Publications to view the PressReader catalogue.

How many issues can I download?
As many as you’d like.

How long can I keep the issues I download?
You can keep any issue on your device for as long as you’d like.

Can I download complete publications?
Yes. Full issues of your favourite magazines and newspapers are available on PressReader. You can readthem in the original printed layout or in a text-view mode designed for easy reading on a mobile device.

Which titles are available on PressReader?
Thousands of titles from all over the world are on PressReader. Use the app to browse the catalogue.

Coming Soon

In-Room Features Coming Soon

These are just a few of the features we are currently working on.

Is there something you want to see on your in-room tablet? Email us your suggestions.


Customized Everything

Joining us for a birthday, anniversary or convention? Soon our in-room tablet will allow us to create custom content and experience to enhance your stay.

Your Wish, Our Command

Need more towels? Having an issue with a faucet? With just a few taps we will soon ensure every detail of your stay is perfected.

Pool Time, Faster

Make your Lounge Chair or Cabana requests from the comfort of your room and see live availability. Coming this Summer.