Din Tai Fung

The go-to dining destination for steamed dumplings and noodles has arrived on the Las Vegas Strip. From Taipei to Los Angeles, the esteemed Taiwanese dumpling and noodle house is renowned for their Xiao Long Bao including the famed Shanghai-style soup dumplings filled with Kurobuta pork. Discover this highly anticipated new dining experience featuring exquisite hand craftsmanship and artistry unlike anything else.

ARIA Welcomes Din Tai Fung

Savor the Tradition

ARIA’s newest addition to the Dining Destination is now steaming.

The Art of Xiao Long Bao

What is a Xiao Long Bao?

Xiao Long Bao means “little dumpling in a basket.” These broth-filled dumplings, from the Jiangnan region of China, are steamed in a bamboo basket.

Video Credit: Hello Design

How To Eat Xiao Long Bao

Savor the flavor in four easy steps.

Watch this video for the perfect tutorial on how to eat Xiao Long Bao the traditional way. 

Video Credit: Hello Design

Venue Details


Casino Floor next to Lift Bar and Guest Elevators

Walking Directions

From the Self Parking Entrance

Enter the Casino Floor and follow the left-hand walkway towards the Poker Room. Continue walking along the pathway passing Radiance and ARIA Patisserie on your left. Din Tai Fung will be immediately after Lift Bar on your left-hand side.

From the Front Desk

Follow the right-hand walkway next to Lobby Bar, passing the ARIA Resort Club Lounge on your right. Din Tai Fung will be on your right-hand side.


Reservations strongly recommended.